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Monday, November 26, 2012

Gear Review: Nettie's Natural Soaps

The crew at Slab Seeker Fishing recently had the opportunity to field test a soap named Hook, Line & No More Stinker from Nettie's Natural Soaps of Onalaska, WI. This soap is made with all natural ingredients and is infused with anise, a known fish attractant.  We wanted to test this on some of the Great Lakes toughest customers, the king salmon.  We all know how particular salmon can be when it comes to left over scents on your hands. While this was in no way a scientific experiment, we washed regularly with Hook, Line & No More Stinker and had plenty of salmon to show for our efforts.  

The soap also did a great job of removing the fish smell from our hands at the end of the day. I think I may send this to a few great lakes charter captains that I know. Being good Stewards of our environment, I also loved the fact that this soap is made from all natural ingredients. An affliction us trout bums are commonly plagued with is dry hands. This is bound to happen when dealing with a combination of salmon roe, wind and water.  I felt as though this soap must have contained a natural moisturizing agent because at the end of each day, my hands were left feeling a lot less dry than usual. We are going to give this one the SSSA (Slab Seeker Seal of Approval).  

Nettie's Natural Soaps is still in the inventory development stage so we cannot provide contact information at this time. When Nettie's Natural Soaps gets fully up and running, we will provide contact information so you can try these fine products. 

Disclaimer: All Slab Seeker Fishing reviews are the honest opinions of Slab Seeker Fishing. While we receive no monetary compensation, we did receive free products to review. If you have a product you'd like to have reviewed by Slab Seeker Fishing, please contact us at slabseekerfishing@hotmail.com 

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