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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gear Review: Buff Multifunctional Headwear

The crew at Slab Seeker Fishing recently received the opportunity to do a gear review on the original multifunctional headwear, the Buff. I was excited for the opportunity to review this  product because I am always looking for a way to avoid re-applying sunscreen while I'm on the water. A priority on my boat is keeping scent to a minimum and that means avoiding things like bug spray and sunscreen. The problem is spending long amounts of time on the water and not re-applying sunscreen is a fairly risky venture. The big concern that I had before I tried the product was that it was going be too hot to wear over my face in 90 degree heat. I opted to go with one from the Bug Slinger line while my better half decide on a pattern from the woman's collection.

The first chance we had to try the product was a hot one in Minnesota with a  90 degree temp, a UV index of 8 (very high) and humidity at 67%. We were running up north to fish a lake a little over an hour away so planned on sweating it out and fishing all day. I started out the day with the product around my neck in neckerchief fashion. It was a sticky morning and I was amazed that this product didn't make my neck hot. Once the morning sun made it's way over the horizon, I pulled the buff over my face so no skin was exposed. It stayed extremely cool actually wicking sweat from my face. I also like the fact that you can wear it in a multitude of different positions and the stretchy material stays in place. The material is also very forgiving and does not feel constricting around your face. It offers 95% ultraviolet protection and comes in a TON of great Slab Seeker approved patterns. I've already recommended one to a friend at work for her husband. This one gets the seal of approval from me. I enjoy fishing in the Buff! 

Kim: Buff Inc really came out with a great multifunctional product. I too was very reluctant to wear the buff during our 90 degree fishing adventure, but to my surprise it kept me cool and most importantly out of harmful UV rays. Great product!
For more information visit Buff USA at http://www.buffusa.com

Disclaimer: All Slab Seeker Fishing reviews are the honest opinions of Slab Seeker Fishing. While we receive no monetary compensation, we did receive 2 free buffs to field test in order to make this review. If you have a product you'd like to have reviewed by Slab Seeker Fishing, please contact us.

Garett & Kim Svir
Slab Seeker Fishing

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