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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back Country Bluegills

I had an opportunity to chase some back country bluegills with the crew from HSM this past weekend. The morning started off slow as we worked through a large coontail flat that had produced some nice fish for me on Friday. After striking out and what seemed like a million holes later, we made our way into the 9' depression in the middle of the bay. Small perch begin to light up our Vexilar's as they raced up to steal our euro larva. Must have been a large bug hatch going on from the amount of fish located over the mud basin. Every once and awhile a larger fish would come through high in the water column and these were bluegills. While we didn't capture any true  backwoods monsters on this trip, our average fish was around 9" with the largest specimens going 9.75". The hot bait of the day was the Half Ant from Clam and seemed to produce fish with whatever we happened to tip it with. All fish were released to pass on those good genetics. I hope this snow coming doesn't goof things up for us. Tight Lines!  

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