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Monday, March 12, 2012

Russian River Coho Fly

I am going to show you how to tie a Russian River Coho Fly. I've used this pattern with great success for Great Lakes King Salmon and of course on Kenai River Sockeyes in Alaska. If you plan to use this fly on the Russian River or at the Kenai and Russian River confluence area keep in mind that you cannot have a hook gap of over 3/8". The key for me is to tie them SPARSE. If you use a lot of buck tail the fly will be buoyant and not sink until the middle of your drift. Salmon are on the bottom and you want to get down to them as quickly as possible. Try the Russian River Coho Fly for your dream Alaskan vacation or simply as a pike or Chinook Salmon pattern on your local waters, you will not be disappointed.

 Gamakatsu Russian River #2 streamer hooks or Mustad 36717 are popular choices.
I like black in a 2/0 size.
Buck tail-
 As for buck tail, you'll need an orange and a white. People use many different color combinations but split orange and white most closely resembles a cloud of plankton, the favorite food source of the Sockeye Salmon. A red and white fly is thought to imitate a tiny fish called a sandlance and is the second most popular choice.
 Hair stacker, scissors and water based head cement.
Optional Materials-
 Chenille or tinsel for body material and crystal flash for added sparkle.

 1. Wrap your hook shank about half way down with thread. Tie in body material if you choose.
 2. Wrap thread back to eye of hook then add a small drop of head cement.
 3. Cut white buck tail and put into stacker. Pinch between thumb and index finger and hold onto one side of the hook.

 4. Wrap around shank tightly with thread. Repeat for other side with orange buck tail. I like to tie both colors in seperately to keep colors seperate.

 5. Finish by making 4-5 wraps with thread around both sections of buck tail. Be careful not to crowd the hook.

6.Whip finish and add a few drops of head cement.

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